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This project is a collaboration of three organizations committed to supporting individual artists and pioneering the creative exploration of Jewish values, heritage and life experience — Avoda Arts, Foundation for Jewish Culture, and JDub.

Avoda Arts

Avoda Arts is a not-for-profit educational organization that uses the arts as a powerful entry point into Jewish learning. Tapping into the multiple ways that people learn and communicate, Avoda infuses photography, film, visual art, theatre and creative writing into the Jewish studies curriculum – from values and ethics to history and life-cycle traditions. Founded in 1999, Avoda has grown into a nationally recognized source for educational consulting services, professional development opportunities and curriculum materials. The focus of the organization’s advocacy work is two-fold: to foster an environment in which the arts can thrive and contribute to the creation of more meaningful Jewish learning communities; and to generate sustainable partnerships and communal resources to support arts-based Jewish education. -->www.avodaarts.com -->


JDub is a non-profit dedicated to innovative Jewish content, community and cross-cultural dialogue. Its mission is to create community among young Jews by promoting proud, authentic Jewish voices in popular culture through music and through Jewcy.com; a site that sparks online Jewish conversation amongst hundreds of thousands of people every month. JDub’s focus on the professional development of the artist and on leveraging social networks to provide distribution of artists’ works has proven a successful model for injecting authentic Jewish voices into today’s oversaturated pop culture market. Since its launch in December 2002, JDub has reached millions of people through its events, performances, CD sales, and web activities. -->www.jdubrecords.org -->

Foundation for Jewish Culture

The Foundation for Jewish Culture invests in creative individuals in order to nurture a vibrant and enduring Jewish identity, culture and community. This goal is achieved through the provision of grants, recognition awards, networking opportunities and professional development services to artists and scholars. We collaborate with cultural institutions, Jewish organizations, consortia, and funders to support the work of these creative individuals. Founded almost 50 years ago, the Foundation also educates and builds audiences to provide meaningful Jewish cultural experiences to the American public, and advocates for the importance of Jewish culture as a core component of Jewish life. www.jewishculture.org