Grants for 2011-2013 will be given in the following areas:

Performing Arts and Music

Artists creating and performing original work or whose work provides new contexts for live performance. This may include playwrights, cabaret artists, puppeteers, oral historians, choreographers, spoken word artists, comedians, and other solo artists who write and perform their own material. Artists creating and performing original works in a genre of popular music — rock, hip hop, folk, traditional, experimental or any creative fusion — that has potential to resonate with other young Jews because of its musical quality and authentic Jewish connection.  The Fellowship will not fund the recording of albums.

Visual Arts

Artists creating original work in two- and three-dimensional forms including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, and new media. This category also includes public art installations featuring sculpture, metal works, ceramics, murals, etc.

Film, Video, Audio, and Animation

Film, Video, and Animation: Artists creating work in film, video and animation that can be completed by the end of the two year fellowship period are encouraged to apply. Fiction, non-fiction, and experimental projects will be considered, including webisodes, web-shorts, video blog projects, short films, feature-length films, and multimedia work.  Film project proposals must delineate a strategy and timeline for completing the work within the two-year fellowship period–from the idea-stage, through research/development, pre-production, production, and post, to audience outreach and public viewings in Los Angeles. Proposals solely for one or some portions of this process will not be considered.   Every proposal must include a plan for audience outreach and public viewings, which will occur within the two-year fellowship period. Projects that require additional funding (beyond Six Points Fellowship support) must be able to demonstrate a feasible supplementary fundraising plan.


The Fellowship will fund artists that are working in new and experimental disciplines that include and incorporate the disciplines described above.