What You’ll Get

The two-year fellowship will provide Los Angeles based artists with:

  • Stipend – Up to $10,000 per year for two years (up to $20,000 total) to support the individual artist while they devote a significant percentage of their time to the development of their art.
  • Project Grant – Up to $10,000 per year for two years (up to $20,000 total) to help fund the completion, marketing, and distribution of their project.
  • Monthly workshops – An opportunity to come together as a cohort for professionally led conversations and workshops covering topics around artist professional development such as public speaking, negotiation skills, budget management, fundraising essentials and Jewish learning.
  • Retreats – Two retreats over the two years of the fellowship will offer fellows the opportunity to workshop their projects and build professional skills away from the hum and pull of everyday life in Los Angeles.
  • Coaching/Mentorship – the Associate Director and Six Points staff will assist fellows in creating individualized plans for their strategic development, and one-on-one guidance, project feedback, and access to external resources and contacts.

The Six Points Fellowship is a collaboration of Avoda Arts, Foundation for Jewish Culture, and JDub and receives significant support from the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and the Righteous Persons Foundation.

Six Points seeks to support work with the potential for significant artistic, cultural, and audience impact. We are looking for projects that reflect or embody a thoughtful engagement with Jewish experience, history, values, issues or concerns and that will resonate with a broad range of audiences but with particular emphasis on the artist’s peers. Six Points offers an opportunity to realize artistic and professional ambitions, but does require commitment from the artist beyond the act of artistic creation. Fellows will be expected and required to participate in all aspects of their project — from planning and budgeting to creation, marketing and dissemination. Only projects that will be completed during the Fellowship term and presented in the LA area will be considered. Additionally, we are looking to support works in the early part of their creative journey and are open to being impacted by the process and resources of the Six Points Fellowship.

The Fellowship only supports the creators of new work. We do not support adaptations or interpretations of previously created art, but we accept projects that draw from other artistic sources, as long as they represent significant departures from the previously created materials.

A fellowship is, by design, for an individual. But we recognize that some creative practices necessarily require a group. While some resources will be open and available to everyone, many others will be available only for the individual applying for the Fellowship. The individual applying, as the primary artist, must be the lead creator of the work, or share an equal role in the creative process as the other members of the collaboration.