Dan Fishback

You Will Experience Silence

In this wide-ranging, sexy, intellectual comedy, Fishback explores the relationship between citizen and empire in modern America and Maccabean-era Judea.


Jul 6, 2012Dan Fishback’s The Material World

Apr 13, 2012Dan Fishback Reading of “The Material World”
Brooklyn, NY

Jan 21, 2012Dan Fishback – Songs from “The Material World”
Brooklyn, NY

Sep 30, 2011Dan Fishback’s thirtynothing

New York, NY

Jan 20, 2011Dan Fishback at BAX

Brooklyn, NY

Nov 4, 2010Dan Fishback’s “thirtynothing” in SF
San Francisco, CA 94110

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In ancient Israel, at the dawn of the Chanukah war, the “chosen people” are bored and horny. Judah Maccabee (Dan Fishback), a surly queer teenager, travels to Jerusalem one day with his best friend Ezra (Max Steele). When they encounter a sexy Greek soldier (Joseph Keckler), they must reckon with their responsibilities — to their people, to their libidos and to each other. Their story is interspersed with tale of Ian Fleishman (Dan Fishback), a crazed activist who spends his morning in bed, calling the White House to complain about the state of the world, the state of the war, and the state of his love life. Erotic, neurotic and dorky, performance artist Dan Fishback is fiercer than ever in this absurdist meditation on citizenship, imperialism and sexual ethics.

Dan Fishback has been writing and performing in New York City since 2003.  Major works include -->You Will Experience Silence --> (Dixon Place, 2009, which the Village Voice called “sassier and more fun than Angels in America“), No Direction Homo (P.S. 122, 2006), and Please Let Me Love You (Dixon Place, 2006).  Also a performing songwriter and recording artist, Fishback began his solo music career in the East Village’s anti-folk scene. His band, Cheese On Bread, has toured Europe and North America, and has released records in the United States and Japan.  Fishback has shared stages with Ani Difranco and Kimya Dawson as part of the punk dance troupe Underthrust.  He regularly visits colleges all over the country to lead workshops on solo performance, and to speak on queer and Jewish issues.

In addition to receiving the Six Points Fellowship in 2007, Fishback has been granted residencies at Yaddo, the MacDowell Colony, and Dixon Place.  In 2010, he received a Franklin Furnace Fund grant and a residency at Brooklyn Arts Exchange to develop his new solo show, thirtynothing.  He freelances as a life coach and doesn’t need certification thankyouverymuch.

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dan (at) danfishback (dot) com

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