Ofri Cnaani

The Sota Project

The Sota Project is an immersive large-scale video installation that reenacts a controversial Talmudic text, telling a story of sisters, adultery, jealousy, and women's power to love.


Oct 7, 2012The Sota Project Project Comes to LA!
Los Angeles

Apr 26, 2012Ofri Cnaani Solo in NYC
New York City

Sep 10, 2011Ofri Cnaani at BMW Guggenheim Lab
New York City

Jun 23, 2011Ofri Cnaani’s Sota Project in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Apr 2, 2011Ofri Cnaani and Three Acts of Betrayal

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Feb 16, 2011Ofri Cnaani’s Sota Project!
DUMBO, Brooklyn

The NY Fellows

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Ofri Cnaani
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