Hannah Bos

The Untitled Blood Play

This new play will translate the anti-Semitic medieval perception that Jewish men menstruated into a provocative, 20th century thriller.


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Trailer for The Debate Society’s Cape Disappointment, a new play originally presented by Performance Space 122, November 22 – December 7, 2008.


This project will translate the anti-Semitic medieval perception that Jewish men menstruated into a provocative, 20th century thriller. Some believed that Jewish men murdered Christian babies in order to consume and replenish blood they lost during menses. The fear reflected in this myth will drive the theatrical piece, flavored with family stories about anti-Semitism in the mid-20th century. Hannah will recast the myth in a tranquil bedroom community in the 1950s overtaken by rumors of a child-eating, menstruating beast of a man hiding in their midst. The play will be developed along with Hannah’s close collaborators from her theater company, The Debate Society.

Hannah Bos is a founding member and a co-artistic director of The Debate Society, co-writing and starring in Buddy Cop 2, A Thought About Raya, The Snow Hen, You’re Welcome, The Eaten Heart, and Cape Disappointment . Hannah was named Best Actress of 2007 by the Gothamist for her work with the company. As a performer she has been seen in Hostage Song, Andrei Serban’s Lysistrata, The Pumpkin Pie Show, Ringside Seats (The Belt), Cardiac Shadow (P.S. 122), Junta High (P.S. 122), Three Farces and a Funeral, and Janos Szasz’ Marat/Sade (The American Repertory Theatre). She has performed internationally with Francois Rochaix’s Versailles Impromptu and Yuri Yeremin’s Man of La Mancha. She is also the co-creator/writer of The Mimi and Flo Show, a choose-your-own-Web-venture web series. She studied at The Piven Theatre Workshop, Vassar College, and holds an M.F.A. from The Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University/Moscow Art Theater. Her work has been published by Samuel French, Playscripts and Play a Journal of Plays.

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