Jessie Kahnweiler

Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?

Acomedic web series chronicling a young woman who searches the Los Angeles Jewish community in an effort to discover her inner Chutzpah.


May 19, 2013World Premiere of “Dude Where’s my Chutzpah?”
Los Angeles CA 90012

Apr 3, 2013Screening at El Cid
Los Angeles

Nov 10, 2011Jessie Kanhweiler’s Film in NYC!

The LA Fellows

Tali Tadmor
Yelena Zhelezov
Paul Ratner
Will Deutsch
Sasha Perry
Jonas N.T. Becker
Jessie Kahnweiler
Corrie Siegel
Kristen Smiarowski


The Official Trailer for Dude Where’s My Chutzpah

“Stupid Questions” very unofficial trailer….

everybody knows nobody cares




“Dude Where’s my Chutzpah” – a comedic web series which follows stand-up comedian Jessie on her adventure to discover what it means to be Jewish. After her recently deceased Bubbie left her a large sum of money, the quirky yet jaded comedian discovers that in order to get the cash she must ‘LIVE JEWISH’ for an entire year! Oy, from the underground Israeli club scene, to the front of the picket line, to the mystical depths of Kabbalah, Jessie discovers the plethora of ways to experience Judaism. In the midst of her hilarious adventure, she finds herself tapping into the spiritual realm and learns that her soul can flourish within the tangible world. Watch as Judaism shows Jessie that the journey is the destination and that every answer is simply a question in disguise.

Jessie Kahnweiler began her love affair with moviemaking as a student at the University of Redlands. While in school, Jessie focused on exploring the human animal and quickly made a name for herself as a passionate documentarian. Jessie’s thesis film, Little America, a documentary exposing the world of America’s truck drivers, was an official selection at the Trade and Row Documentary Film Festival and the Open Engagement Festival. Jessie transitioned into the narrative genre with the slice of life “Ripe,” which chronicles the bittersweet end of a relationship on the cusp of adulthood. Her next short, “Stupid Questions” is about a young feisty casting assistant who holds phony casting session in an effort to find her dream guy. Starring Zelda Williams and Ryan Carnes, “Stupid Questions” is an official selection at the NY International Film Festival, LA Comedy Festival, Hollyshorts, and LA Shortsfest. Jessie makes films so “I don’t have to keep repeating my jokes to my friends!”

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