Jonas N.T. Becker


A video installation investigating the Jewish narrative of annihilation and exodus through the lens of contemporary myths and experiences of the apocalypse.


May 5, 2013Jonas Becker Rolls Up to UCLA
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Dec 21, 2012Apocalypse Now? Art Event, Live Screening and Themed Party

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Aug 29, 2012Jonas Becker Honored for Teaching at the heArt Project!

Mar 29, 2012Seder with Fellows in LA!
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Dec 2, 2011Jonas N.T. Becker presents at LACMA
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Oct 21, 2011Jonas N.T. Becker in two shows on two coasts!

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2×12 is a multi-dimensional video project that explores the Jewish narrative of annihilation and exodus – beginning with Noah’s ark – through the lens of contemporary myths and experiences of apocalypse. From inception to exhibition, 2×12 will involve Angelinos, queers, Jews, and artists. The project is a video installation, montaging 12 vignettes, each of which will be, in part, inspired by Apocalypse myths. During the installation, viewers will be invited to add their voices to the initial narrative through a participatory component unique to each exhibition (e.g., apocalyptic karaoke or an end-of-the-world packing list), to be woven into subsequent showings.

Born in the wild, wonderful state of West Virginia, Becker currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Thematically, Becker’s work invokes tall tales from her upbringing and identification, the politicized history of photography, and the cultural impact of our political economy. Her recent works use interventions in perspectival space, prominent temporal references, and absent subjects to explore the paradox of visually representing what can’t be seen.

She holds an MFA in Studio Art: Photography with an emphasis in Visual Studies from the University of California, Irvine, and a BA in Architecture from Smith College.  Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at LAXART, Monongalia Arts Center, and at the Lyceum Gallery in a juried exhibition curated by Charlotte Cotton.

In addition to her personal work, Becker is dedicated to making rigorous visual education accessible. She instructs photography to both youth and university-level students, most recently at the University of California, Irvine and the jointly hosted LACMA/HeArt Project education series. Becker also serves as the director of the Mobile Pinhole Project where she works to bring experiential photography workshops to youth across Los Angeles using the VanCam, a van retrofitted into a giant pinhole camera.  She has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships, including the Center for Global Peace Studies project grant, Medici Scholars fellowship, the Claire Trevor travel award and most recently, the Six Points Fellowship.

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