Will Deutsch

Notes from the Tribe

Aseries of illustrations depicting various Jewish traditions and biblical characters, inspired by the golden age of cartooning.


Mar 14, 2013Notes from the Tribe at UCLA
Los Angeles

Oct 6, 2012Will part of the group show ‘Interviews’ at The Curio Studio!

Apr 16, 2012USDA Seder to Feature Art by Will Deutsch

Mar 29, 2012Seder with Fellows in LA!
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Dec 14, 2011Will Deutsch at Grand Performances

Aug 15, 2011Will Deutsch’s work at USC

The LA Fellows

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Yelena Zhelezov
Paul Ratner
Will Deutsch
Sasha Perry
Jonas N.T. Becker
Jessie Kahnweiler
Corrie Siegel
Kristen Smiarowski


Notes from the Tribe will be a series of illustrations depicting various Jewish traditions and experiences, as well as characters from the Torah. Inspired by the golden age of cartooning and using patterns found in classic Judaica, the goal is to create a contemporary Jewish body of work whose perspective is uniquely American. As each piece is created, it will be available to view on a weekly basis online, accompanied by a short piece of writing.  In addition, the work will be showcased in different institutions throughout California during its creation. As a supplement to this, zines will be released, which will include additional contributions from the community. Stickers, buttons and various other mediums will also be used as part of the project at events

Los Angeles-based artist Will Deutsch was raised in Orange County and studied Fine Art at UCLA. His works, which range in medium from paper and paint to glass sculpture to performance, explore themes of identity mediated through cultural institutions.  Will was awarded the first SEDER microgrant, with which he created a bi-annual Jewish arts and culture zine that will be distributed throughout Los Angeles later this year. Will has shown at the New Wight Gallery, Fly or Die Gallery, The Hive Gallery and TruXtop Gallery among others. Professionally, he has served as an artist for TOMS Shoes and his client list includes CYDWOQ, the Jewish Journal, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and The Los Angeles Theatre Center.  His art can be seen in books, prints, album covers, t-shirts, newspapers and magazines.

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Jewish Journal
April 4 2012

Jewish Journal
April 4, 2012