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Liana Finck’s Comics in Tablet Magazine

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Be sure to check out Liana Finck’s weekly comic, “Tell Me,” a reverse advice column, in which she solicits advice and stories from her readers on Tablet Magazine:

Judd Greenstein’s Ecstatic Music Festival Through April

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The Ecstatic Music Festival, curated by our Fellow Judd Greenstein, continues to be a roaring success. The opening marathon performance was reviewed enthusiastically by the NYTimes, and continues to draw laudatory press for the 13-concert series of new and indie classical music at Merkin Hall.

Judd’s own work will be featured on March 3rd, as his newly assembled group The Yehudim premiers the beginnings of “Shlomo,” Judd’s Six Points project, which will eventually be an evening-length exploration of the life of King Solomon. Judd eloquently discusses this project and his artistic / Jewish life in the Jewish Week.

Galeet Dardashti in LA

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Galeet Dardashti performs at Concert Ashkenafard!
8 p.m. sharp, tickets here.

Ofri Cnaani’s Sota Project!

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

We’re excited to announce this Wednesday, February 16th, is the opening of Ofri Cnaani’s Sota Project – the culminating work of her time as a Six Points Fellow – an immersive, multilayered video installation that reenacts a controversial text from the Talmud. A tale of two sisters, bound together in symbiotic loyalty that unfolds in both time and three-dimensional space. Housed in an expansive, historic horse-stable above Galapagos Art Space, Ofri Cnaani’s ambitious piece invites viewers to step into room-sized moving panoramas, and walk through an enigmatic and disturbing ancient story that has hardly been told.

Sota, an anonymous Biblical story, recounts the tale of two sisters, Sota and Bekhorah, who are bound together in symbiotic loyalty when Sota’s husband accuses her of infidelity. Against a backdrop of jealousy, betrayal, judgment, ritual humiliation, and ultimately death, Cnaani’s installation depicts a deceptively simple moral parable that unfolds in countless ways.

Video projections on all four walls of the exhibition space will allow multiple narratives to develop concurrently, thus calling into question the notion of a single, coherent truth. The Sota Project uses the most current new media technologies while employing storytelling techniques inspired by ancient Greco-Roman murals and Renaissance tapestries. After Kunsthalle Galapagos’ presentation, The Sota Project will travel to the Rothschild 69 in Tel Aviv.

A specially commissioned editioned sculpture, and a fully illustrated book published by Sternthal Books accompany the exhibition. Sold separately.

For further information please contact Elizabeth Grady at or Julie McKim at . Kunsthalle Galapagos is located at 16 Main Street, second floor, DUMBO, Brooklyn. F train to Jay Street or C train to High Street.

Opening Reception: February 16th, *8 – 10 pm* (Time Updated)
Showing until April 23rd
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat, 12-6PM.

Dan Safer and Witness Relocation’s Heaven on Earth

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Dan Safer’s dance-theater company Witness Relocation presents, a new piece, Heaven On Earth, an American and French collaboration with text by Charles L. Mee about the end of the world and how life continues after it ends. Get tickets here.

At the Ellen Stewart Theater at La MaMa
Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday at 2:30pm

Presented by Ildi! Eldi & Witness Relocation
Written by Charles L. Mee
Directed by Dan Safer
Choreography by Dan Safer
Co-commissioned by Les Subsistances. Major support from Etant Donnes.

The Sway Machinery Release Show at the Bell House

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

This is the one and only NYC Sway Machinery Release Show!

The Sway Machinery featuring Khaira Arby at the Bell House is both an album release show and benefit for Mali, following the Sway Machinery’s recent time there. A percentage of the proceeds will go to benefit ASSADEC, a consortium of 300 women’s groups from small desert villages which provides AIDS information and instruction in the nomadic context. They are evolving into seeking capacity for micro finance of local women’s projects and other learning bases projects.

The Sway Machinery will release The House of Friendly Ghosts, Volume 1 March 8 on JDub Records (Pre-order is now available via the JDub Records Online Store). The band will begin their album release tour with this show in New York City and continue to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Denver.

The new album, which features Timbuktu vocal superstar Khaira Arby, is already garnering interest thanks to features on Nat Geo Music, AOL Spinner, and The Huffington Post.

Chronicling Sway Machinery founder and mastermind Jeremiah Lockwood and company’s journey to Mali’s “Festival in the Desert” and subsequent collaboration with Arby earlier this year, the album explores ideas of diaspora, pilgrimage and spiritualism by pulling together an array of content including Arby’s songs, Lockwood’s compositions and field recordings captured along the way. While at the remote festival gathering the band performed with numerous Tuareg ensembles and watched as its broad base of influences meshed with those of some of the region’s most crucial artists.

8PM Doors, 9PM show
$15 advance, $18 day of

Alina and Jeff Bliumis Solo Show at Andrea Meislin Gallery

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Alina and Jeff Bliumis present GLOBAL REACH INC. at Andrea Meislin Gallery.

Opening reception: February 26th, 6-8PM

Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Saturday

The Sway Machinery: Finding Inspiration In The Desert, on All Things Considered

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Jeremiah Lockwood and the Sway Machinery talk to All Things Considered about their recent work in Mali. Read and hear more here.

Tatiana McCabe

Tatiana McCabe

Alicia Jo Rabins, Solo, at Rose Live

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Mazz Swift-Camlet presents SOLO HER, Four Women Playing Unaccompanied Music:
Mazz Swift-Camlet, Marika Hughes, Sarah Bernstein, and Alicia Jo Rabins

Alicia Jo Rabins with Girls and Trouble at Dead Herring

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Six Points Fellow Alicia Jo Rabins and her band at a Williamsburg loft party with Calvin Johnson, Ian Svenonius’ Chain and the Gang, and E-Phryme.