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Aug 26, 2011 — Aug 28, 2011
The Sway Machinery Heads West!

Aug 27, 2011
Clare Burson performs in Beacon, NY

Feb 17, 2011 - Feb 27, 2011

Dan Safer and Witness Relocation’s Heaven on Earth

Dan Safer’s dance-theater company Witness Relocation presents, a new piece, Heaven On Earth, an American and French collaboration with text by Charles L. Mee about the end of the world and how life continues after it ends. Get tickets here.

At the Ellen Stewart Theater at La MaMa
Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday at 2:30pm

Presented by Ildi! Eldi & Witness Relocation
Written by Charles L. Mee
Directed by Dan Safer
Choreography by Dan Safer
Co-commissioned by Les Subsistances. Major support from Etant Donnes.

Ellen Stewart Theater
La MaMa
74 East 4th Street
New York, NY