February 7, 2011

Hannah Bos at the Sundance Institute 2011 Theater Lab

Six Points Fellow Hannah Bos and her company The Debate Society were selected to be a part of the Sundance Institute 2011 Theater Lab to be held at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, from March 27-April 17. A record 31 artists from the US, Kenya, Mexico, and Tanzania were invited to participate. The centerpiece of Sundance Institute’s Theatre Program, the Theatre Lab is a three-week developmental retreat designed to provide a private, creative environment for playwrights, directors, composers and librettists to devise and refine new work with the support of creative advisors, full casts and rehearsal space. This year, Sundance has 31 fellows or generative artists, including playwrights, composers, directors and creative teams. Sundance Institute is grateful for the assistance of the Performing Arts Residency program at The Banff Centre.

Untitled Worlds Fair Play (U.S.A.)
Made by The Debate Society
Chicago 1893: The Zoopraxiscope, cracker jacks and neon lights. The Ferris Wheel, hootchy-kootchy… hell they even had the hamburger! On the eve of a glowing new century, something terrible happens in a humble two-story home. And everything ends. Chicago 1933: When The Fair returns 40 years later, so do the unfinished histories of everything that could have been. And so things begin for the hermit upstairs and the mysterious look-a-like below. Play-making company The Debate Society creates a haunted world of forgotten futures, a rotting building and the spirit of invention.