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Aug 26, 2011 — Aug 28, 2011
The Sway Machinery Heads West!

Jan 15, 2011 - Mar 5, 2011

Oded Hirsch Show in Texas

Six Points Cohort II Fellow Oded Hirsch’s luminous photography and video will be exhibited in Out of Place, curated by Noah Simblist, at the Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austen, TX.

The exhibition will include six international artists, many of whom rarely exhibit their work in the US, more often showing in Europe or the Middle East. For instance, this will be the US premier of Yael Bartana’s film, Mur i Weisa (Wall and Tower), last seen at her recent solo exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

The premise of the exhibition is related to Edward Said’s description of his memoir Out of Place (the namesake of the show) as “a record of a lost or forgotten world.” He was referring to the Palestinian condition of exile – a displacement that creates a gap between both physical spaces and states of mind. But this notion can be thought of in more general terms, serving as the starting point for a group of artists who explore placelessness as it is manifest in Israel-Palestine. Being in one place, but consumed by the memory of another, produces works that are uncanny, combining familiar and unfamiliar contexts into something strange.

Lora Reynolds Gallery
360 Nueces, Suite 50,
Austin, Texas 78701